Young Women Leaders in AI


The Young Women Leaders in AI program will develop young women as innovators in AI. It’s a 12 month journey, starting with a 6 day AI Leadership camp, followed by ongoing mentorship. 


The program commences with a 6 day camp where participants will learn about building modern machine learnings, entrepreneurship and innovation, and how to succeed as a woman in the tech industry. 

Participants will then enter a 12 month mentorship program where there will be an opportunity to apply for internships or scholarships, attend local meetups, continue a mentee relationship and promote the value of young women leaders in AI. By the end of the program you will be in a position to move forward with your career confidently.

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Women ages 16-26 from all over Australia, all ages are welcomed to apply.


Friday, 3rd April to Wednesday, 8th April 2020


Gold Coast University Hospital, Gold Coast, QLD

Application Dates?

Applications extended to 8th March 2020, places are limited so get in fast.


Participation in the program is Free. However, any cars, planes, trains and accommodation you need are not included in the camp.

More Questions?

Check out the FAQ sheet here.