Today TYMLEZ Group Limited has announced its new partnership with Economic Development Queensland to deploy an Australian first pilot of the TYMLEZ Platform at Cohort Innovation Space.

Utilising Behind-The-Meter energy monitoring devices capturing site wide energy usage, the TYMLEZ Smart Energy Data Solution will soon be deployed at one of Australia’s fastest growing innovation spaces, Cohort, as part of a pilot with the Queensland Government.

This will allow both Cohort Innovation Space and the State Government to access information on real-time consumption via the TYMLEZ Platform, powered by blockchain technology.

Along with granular real time usage information collected from multiple meters located on-site, detailed statistics on usage history (e.g. morning vs afternoon), and green energy requirements (e.g. solar generation), will be available through cloud-based dashboards. This provides a centralised energy footprint from across the site and enables Cohort to make smarter energy asset investment and operational decisions to reduce costs and achieve key Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) targets.



“We are very excited about this partnership and the tremendous support provided to our organisation by the Queensland Government to date” said TYMLEZ CEO Daniel O’Halloran.

“It’s an exciting time for us, as the pilot allows for the TYMLEZ Platform to be expanded across the full Health and Knowledge Precinct and create the City of Gold Coast’s first ever energy community to incorporate a range of solutions from our Transactive Energy offerings.”  

Core to all TYMLEZ Transactive Energy is the ability to track and trace energy consumption and production on an immutable and self-auditing platform. The Smart Energy pilot being deployed provides a secure and transparent history of all generation and consumption data in real-time to enable potential Transactive Energy use cases.

The current commercial terms of this pilot programme are not material to the Company, however, the pilot is considered of strategic importance and as the successful completion of the pilot program is expected to lead to ongoing future commercial opportunities with the Queensland Government.

TYMLEZ is very excited by this opportunity to work with the Queensland Government and the Gold Coast Health and Knowledge Precinct to run this first of its kind pilot in Australia. The Company also looks forward to a long, ongoing and fruitful partnership focused on collaboration and continued innovation in the region.


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TYMLEZ is a sustainability focused enterprise-grade solutions provider that develops and deploys leading software applications which leverage blockchain technology. The Company is focused on supporting clean energy and sustainability initiatives, along with other opportunities to develop products that rely on secure, trackable and traceable data transfer.