Mentor Program


Mentoring has become a necessity in today’s business. It has helped many founders get the right advice, make the best business choices, enhance skills while expanding their network.

The COHORT mentorship program aims to bring together promising entrepreneurs managing rapidly growing companies with already experienced and established entrepreneurs and experts to arrive at mutual exchange of ideas and experiences, various forms of business cooperation and, by doing so, encourages growth and development.

Members of COHORT benefits with up to three individual mentor meetings from the pool of selected mentors. The sessions are on average a two-hour where the mentor offers advice and experience on topics that are currently the entrepreneur’s main challenge.  


Sofia Braybrook

Manager, R&D & Government Incentives, ABA Legal Group

Declan McKeveney

Principal, Spruson & Ferguson Intellectual Property

Dr. Kelvin Ross

Chairman, KJR
Director, IntelliHQ

James Ballantyne

Ballantyne Law

Steve Dalton

Technology Problem Solver, Refactor

Donna Bruce

Director, Walsh Health
Walsh Accounting

Tobias Black

Creative Director,

Tiah Goldstein


Rosa-Clare Willis

Founder, Bootstrap Marketing

Anil Patel

Co-founder and Chairman
Virtual Mgr

Jonathon Pullinger

Government Grants and R&D
ABA Legal Group

Jason Atkins

Co-founder and CEO
Cake Equity

Simon Barclay

Innovation & Entrepreneurship
Griffith University 

Dr. Kara Burns

Hacking Health

Dr. Ronald Huynh

ER Doctor and Digital Engagement Officer, GC Health

Dr. Brent Richards

Medical Director of Innovation,
Gold Coast Health

Ben Howe

CEO, CoSpaces

Sherrie Hatfield

Director, Causism Institute 

Tracey Brook

Director, Digital Engagement, Digital Transformation Services, Gold Coast Health

Dren Xerxa 

Startup Builder,
Cohort Innovation Space


Dr. Tanya Unni

Founder, Amtan Medical Centres

Dr. Christine McDougal

Founder, Syntropic Enterprise

Paul McCarty

Founder, SecureStack

Bridget Delahunty

Pharmasist & Consultant, BCMD Consulting

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