A new partnership between Cohort Innovation Space and Mater will see the LuminaX startup accelerator now linked with the largest not-for-profit network of public and private healthcare services in Queensland.

Mater has been a leader in Queensland’s health sector for more than a century and is combining its mission to provide compassionate patient care with its drive for excellence through innovation and research by backing the new Australian healthtech accelerator, LuminaX.

The 14-week accelerator will provide comprehensive support to ten startups by taking them through a rapid and immersive program aimed at accelerating growth and commercialising successful, high-growth startups in the healthcare sector.

The new partnership will see the world renowned team of experts from the Mater support ambitious founders with customer discovery, clinical validation and product development with the aim to improve health outcomes across the clinical, physical, mental, and well-being sectors.

Startups will significantly benefit from the opportunity to fast-track connections and customers with the ability to access Mater’s extensive networks and collective expertise across health, education and research.

Mater has a strong history of driving innovation and developing ground-breaking health firsts to improve people’s lives and delivers care to nearly 600,000 people annually across 18 sites from Townsville to Brisbane.

Additionally, as a nationally accredited education provider, Mater is dedicated to training the next generation of healthcare workers with its world-class medical research institute renowned for developing new and innovative treatments to improve people’s lives. Mater recently provided Queensland’s first brain surgery on a fully awake patient, combining its expertise and resources to go where medicine has never gone before.

Dr Maree Knight, Director of Innovation said that the team at Mater challenge themselves every day to expand their thinking about how, when and where they care for people.

“Our concerted pursuit of innovation—to discover, improve, adopt, and adapt—ensures Mater remains a dynamic leader on Queensland’s health and wellbeing landscape, advancing technologies and techniques to deliver the best possible care” said Dr Knight.

“Our expertise across health, education and research enables us to deliver excellence in care and drive innovative solutions that help improve the health and quality of life for Queenslanders.”

“This partnership with Cohort Innovation Space is just one example of how Mater is dedicated to supporting the next generation of health entrepreneurs and how we continually drive innovative thinking in healthcare through industry and community collaborations” said Dr Knight.

Cohort Chief Executive Officer Ben Howe said the partnership with Mater is a great step forward for the healthtech sector and will help grow new digital health companies and drive technology-enabled healthcare forward in Australia.

“LuminaX attracts exceptional founders who are working towards solving big problems in health, from consumer diagnostics and personalised prevention, to analysing health data and improvements in accessibility,” Mr Howe Said.

“Mater have a renowned reputation for their innovative approaches to improving patient care and delivering world-leading healthcare advances.”

“By collaborating with Mater Health, Mater Research and Mater Education, LuminaX startups will now have the ability to connect with, learn from, and be mentored by some of the best clinical and research minds in Australia. It’s a true testament to Mater’s commitment to innovation and a partnership that we’re really excited about” Mr Howe said.

Applications for 2022 LuminaX Accelerator will open on 28 February through to 12 April. The 14-week program will take place from May through to August 2022 at Cohort Innovation Space