StreamLine Partners brings to the table a highly experienced team of experts, possessing extensive industry experience to ‘Make IT Easier’ through implementation, configuration and integration of automation technology.

The Gold Coast based company is leveraging new technologies to benefit their clients’ day to day business operations and has expanded to a national reach with an increasing client base throughout Australia.

StreamLine’s head office will move in to COHORT when in launches in a number of weeks.

We sat down with Andy Matus, Managing Partner to discuss the huge year StreamLine had in 2018, how they plan on continuing their growth and why a coworking space is the perfect setup for their growing company.

COHORT: In a nutshell, how does StreamLine Partners benefit their clients’ day to day business operations?

ANDY: Our focus and target is strong partnership with our customers through open, honest and long standing relationships. We strive to offer simple, good service by following through on our commitments. Our core philosophy is to ‘Make IT easier’ through great services and excellent software platforms.

We leverage technology to perfection to help customers integrate systems, optimize business processes and workflows through automation.

COHORT: StreamLine Partners have had extraordinary growth over the past 12 months, and have committed to another huge growth strategy in 2019. What are some of the key factors that are driving that success?

ANDY: Our first 12+ months have seen considerable growth which has been directly attributable to our ability to provide simple, straight forward, great service to our customers.  Additionally we pride ourselves to be able to think holistically and focus on leveraging as much of the out of the box functionality as possible.  We help our customers get the most value out of their software purchases.

COHORT: Your company is currently based in a coworking space. What would you say the main benefits of working in a coworking environment have been for you and your team?

ANDY: StreamLine Partners utilise coworking spaces all around the country in order to keep overheads low and maintain flexibility based on customer demand. Fixed leasing arrangements would not allow us to operate with the level of agility that we require. Additionally the benefits of having our smaller teams being a part of a broader culture is great for networking and team spirit.

COHORT: You’ve seen the plans for COHORT – what excites you most about the new space at the Health and Knowledge Precinct?

ANDY: Table Tennis!! Seriously though, the ‘fun’ and modern nature of the workspace aligns well with our business model and industry.  I also love the idea of StreamLine being a part of Gold Coast’s Health and Knowledge precinct.

COHORT: What’s next for StreamLine?

ANDY: 2019 is an exciting year ahead for StreamLine Partners. Growth throughout all our key areas (customers, team capacity, geographies, capabilities and revenue) remains the focus for Streamline for 2019.


Contact the team at StreamLine Partners:

P: 1300 883 162