One of Australia’s leading health AI organisations, IntelliHQ has announced the launch of their national Big Data Capture, Management & Analysis, and Artificial Intelligence training program that has been successfully funded by the MTP Connect REDIC 3.0 program.

IntelliHQ (Intelligent Health Queensland) is a not-for-profit organisation based at Cohort Innovation Space committed to the establishment and support of an innovation hub designed to promote research, investment, and commercialisation of next generation technologies within artificial intelligence and machine learning concentrated within the health sector.

The new national program will deliver an engaging and immersive series of training courses on big data and AI in the healthcare and medical research fields, with the overall aim of supporting and promoting the translation of AI research back into the healthcare system to improve patient outcomes and system efficiency.

Presented by a suite of experts from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a number of national and international program partners, this training courses will provide a key opportunity for those in Australian healthcare sector who are curious to know more about how they can utilise AI tools within their role.

The program also includes a two-day national Datathon to be delivered at the conclusion of the training course. Multidisciplinary teams from around Australia will come together to solve a real-world problem by analysing healthcare data with support from technical experts.

IntelliHQ General Manager, Dr. Stephanie Chaousis, said that IntelliHQ were pleased to be selected as the Program Facilitators to develop and promote the two targeted training programs.

“These programs will raise awareness for senior hospital and health staff on the benefits of big data in healthcare, while assisting clinicians, researchers, nurses and scientists to develop foundation skills in big data and artificial intelligence,”

“The aim of this program is for participants to gain an understanding of the opportunities for data and AI in the MTP (MedTech and pharmaceutical) sectors. We are working closely with a number of national and international partners to deliver program that offers the core training and skills that clinicians and researchers can apply to real-life situations in any Australian hospital or health organisation” Dr Chaousis said.