Hemisphere launches Hemisphere Marine in Gold Coast’s Health and Knowledge Precinct incorporating a medical and allied health support service for the Superyacht Industry and medical training using the latest VR/AR innovations.

Hemisphere Management Group has announced their expansion into the Gold Coast Health and Knowledge precinct, taking space in the COHORT innovation incubator as a launchpad for their Hemisphere Marine operations.

The company is building on its current exclusive service it provides to international touring artists, athletes and business professionals, now increasing their new business line by extending operations into the “Superyacht” industry. In addition to this extension of services, the company has announced significant innovations and investment into training technology development for marine medicine in their remote and complex environment.

“We’re innovating to include better and more comprehensive training programs specifically designed to enable Superyachts crew to provide a higher level of first aid care in the complex emergencies that they encounter as well as render assistance to other vessels, and  communities, impacted by accidents, emergencies and natural disasters” stated Dr Bill Anseline, the company’s medical director and co-founder.

Details of the venture will be further announced in the coming weeks, concurrently at the upcoming “Australian Superyacht Rendezvous” event and “WADEM” disaster medicine conferences held on the Gold Coast and in Brisbane. “It’s a measure of Queensland’s importance as a hub for the Superyacht, marine, and marine division of disaster medicine that these major events are hosted here on the Gold Coast and in Brisbane in 2019, Hemisphere is pleased to be launching a specialied service for Superyacht owners, captains, crew and guests” stated Shannon Ward, Hemisphere’s Operations Manager.

Hemisphere Marine will be launching an innovative package to offer medical and allied health support, integrating tele medicine for vessels in port. As well as this much needed service we will introducing specialised marine training currently not available on the Gold Coast.

“We believe that Gold Coast’s attractiveness as a port to host the growing global fleet of Superyachts and larger luxury and racing yachts has created significant demands for medical and allied health support for vessels and their crews and passengers while they are in port in Queensland” stated Shannon Ward.

“Some of our most innovative new offerings involve pushing the boundaries of what is possible in medical training relevant to Superyachts cruising in the beautiful waters of Queensland,” said Dr Bill Anseline, the company’s medical director.

“We will be using Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality technologies here on the Gold Coast to train for the sorts of accidents and emergencies which take place at sea here and in the South Pacific. Infections and injuries from coral reef cuts, venomous stings, recent shark attacks and other injuries where we’ve been asked to assist” added Dr Anseline.

Dr James Lind, a Gold Coast based emergency physician and disaster medicine expert doing evidence-based research with Hemisphere added “The Australian and South Pacific waters are beautiful, but are very complex environments to try to treat owners, crew and guests when accident and emergency does strike while at sea, and Australian doctors like those at Hemisphere are among the leaders in planning and training for, and dealing with these sorts of incidences.


For more information, contact the team at Hemisphere Marine directly.

W: www.thehemispheregroup.com
E: shannon@thehemispheregroup.com