Griffith Innovation Centre launches at Cohort in the Gold Coast Health & Knowledge Precinct.

Last week saw the official opening of Griffith Innovation Centre (GIC), Griffith University’s flagship innovation space that is co-located within COHORT at the Gold Coast Health and Knowledge Precinct.

The space was formally opened by Ms Meaghan Scanlon MP, State member for Gaven and former Griffith University Gold Coast graduate.

The Griffith Innovation Centre (GIC) is an environment that stimulates innovation, creates a culture of entrepreneurship, co-investment and collaboration, and supports economic growth through a more effective adoption of innovation.

It is a place where the University and the wider innovation community can come together to enhance their innovation and entrepreneurial mindsets, develop solid foundations for new enterprises and take established enterprises to the next level of success.

Vice Chancellor Carolyn Evans, Meaghan Scanlon MP, Ryona Ohira and Braithwaite at the Griffith Innovation Centre opening. Picture by Luke Marsden.

The GIC provides innovation and entrepreneurial mentoring and education programs, designed to help transition innovative services, processes and products into the community at scale.

Cohort CEO, Ben Howe said the launch of GIC at Cohort brings to life a long-term vision of having an academic incubator intertwined with the space.

“This integration is a vital aspect of any startup ecosystem. Having a dedicated innovation space that focuses on interconnecting students, faculty and alumni with local businesses and entrepreneurs is a proven model that will ultimately create new career pipelines” said Mr Howe.

“These ‘active learning classrooms’ that combine maker spaces with early stage prototyping facilities are a trend that we’re seeing from education institutions all over the world,”

“Griffith University are on the forefront of that with the launch of this physical space, and we’re excited to see it come to life.”

In an article about the launch, Griffith University Vice Chancellor and President, Professor Carolyn Evans said the “Griffith Innovation Centre will be a highly adaptable, teaching, prototyping and events space designed to bring together students from all disciplines, staff and wider industry to deliver best practice innovation and enterprise learning,”

Further adding;

“This connection to industry and networking opportunities within the Health & Knowledge Precinct and Cohort, will allow students to collaborate with some of the coast’s most innovative companies, through regular events and masterclasses.”

Griffith Innovation Centre is located at 16 Nexus Way, Southport QLD.


For more information, please contact:

Simon Barclay | Project Coordinator – Innovation & Entrepreneurship
Office of the Senior Deputy Vice Chancellor
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