Sitting in the heart of the Gold Coast Health & Knowledge Precinct feels like being in the centre of an ant’s nest; only if you know what’s going on around you.

Surrounded by 10,000 workers and 20,000 students, two busy hospitals and a world leading university, this place never sleeps, and health and knowledge companies in the Precinct never stop thriving.

The Gold Coast Health & Knowledge Precinct is a 200 hectare plot of land in Southport, which in 2001, was dedicated to spearhead growth in health and technology industries on the Gold Coast.

“The Precinct brings together different people across different disciplines – from surgeons to engineers, biomedical scientists to big data analysts,” says Precinct Marketing and Communications Manager, Kathy Kruger.

Kathy describes the Precinct as an “emerging health and innovation hub.”

The Precinct supports these thriving industries along with tourism, which the Gold Coast is primarily known for with it’s golden beaches, year-round sunny skies and lush green hinterland ranging from one end of the coast to the other. 

The Health & Knowledge Precinct is emerging as “a unique global business location for high-tech industry development, research collaboration and jobs of the future” says Kathy.

Kathy informed me that once the Precinct is fully completed, in approximately 15 years, “it will support up to 26,000 jobs and generate $2.9 billion for the Gold Coast economy,” further proving that new economic opportunities on the Gold Coast are on the horizon.

The future is here, and the health and technology industries within the Precinct are already highlighting the importance of the Gold Coast’s potential to be world leaders in innovation across a variety of sectors.


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