Twelve tech-savvy students are getting ready to pitch their startup to an expert of judges at Bond University as part of the Mayor’s Technology and Innovation Awards.

After undergoing 2 months of rigorous 1.1 mentoring and a startup bootcamp at Cohort Innovation Space, these promising young innovators are set to present their ideas and solutions to support the City of Gold Coast’s City Vision:

✅ The best PLACE to live, visit and stay

✅ PROSPERITY built on a strong diverse economy

✅ PEOPLE contribute to a strong community spirit

From transformative apps to pioneering hardware solutions, each presentation is set to highlight the potential impact these young minds can have on the technology sector.

Congratulations to all finalists involved in the 2023 Mayor’s Technology and Innovation Awards. We look forward to hearing each team’s final pitch this evening at Bond University.

Here’s a snapshot of what they’re pitching on the night:

SUNNY SURGE: Gold Coast residents are grappling with an unprecedented financial crisis, primarily due to escalating energy consumption, which is exacerbating economic inflation and living expenses. Sunny Surge offers an innovative solution for the energy costs – an affordable solar paint that can be applied to sunlit areas, using atmospheric moisture and solar energy to produce hydrogen and oxygen. This technology aims to enhance the quality of life for Gold Coast residents while substantially reducing the community’s carbon footprint.

FIREANT FINDER: Australia’s agricultural sector faces an imminent threat from the rapidly spreading Fire Ant infestation. The proposed solution involves utilising aerial drones equipped with thermal technology for autonomous detection and safe eradication of Fire Ant nests, aiming to curb the escalating impact on Australia’s environment and economy.

CARDIOCARE: CardioCare is an innovative wearable solution designed to address the rising prevalence of panic attacks in Australia, which affect over 40% of the population. This device, worn as a necklace, monitors the user’s heart rate and employs a built-in thermal cooling system to alleviate anxiety. By providing a soothing sensation on the chest, CardioCare not only aids in reducing the severity of panic attacks but also serves as an early warning system, allowing users to take proactive measures in high-risk situations.


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