Cohort Innovation Space is buzzing with excitement as they proudly announce the three outstanding startups that have been accepted into the 2023 Impact Led Founders Initiative. 

Congratulations to the 3 successful founders, Lawrence Kusz the founder of Chatstat, Mark Ullah the founder of URBNRIDZ, and Majed Abuseif the founder of Smart and Sustainable Built Environment.

Backed by the Queensland Government through Economic Development Queensland (EDQ), the program will support ambitious founders who are committed to making a positive impact through technology.

Founder of Chatstat expressed his enthusiasm for the program’s potential to foster collaboration and growth within his startup. “The workshops offered by the program are invaluable. They will equip our team with advanced knowledge and tools to navigate the startup ecosystem more effectively,” shared Mr. Kusz.

Kusz highlighted the significance of networking for their startup, emphasising the potential for forging strategic partnerships, accessing mentorship, and gaining transformative resources by connecting with key players in the Gold Coast innovation ecosystem.

As the founders currently embark on their second week in the Start Club program, anticipation is high for the remarkable growth expected over the next six months here at Cohort Innovation Space.

For those eager to learn more about these promising startups, here’s a brief overview:

Chatstat Founder: Lawrence Kusz

About: Chatstat utilises AI for ethical and impactful social media monitoring, ensuring a safer digital experience for children and vulnerable communities.

Connect with Chatstat on social media:




URBNRIDZ Founder: Mark Ullah

About: URBNRIDZ revolutionises urban mobility by providing private e-scooters and e-bike solutions, offering a carbon-neutral and efficient alternative to traditional cars.

Connect with URBNRIDZ on social media:




Smart and Sustainable Built Environment

Founder: Majed Darwish

About: Smart and Sustainable Built Environment is dedicated to addressing climate change and sustainability issues in the built environment, inspired by the Paris Agreement and UN Sustainable Development Goals. Their innovative offerings include AI-driven smart planter boxes for indoor and outdoor greenery, energy, environmental, carbon performance, and sustainability services. These solutions aim to combat global warming, enhance energy efficiency, and reduce carbon emissions, contributing to the larger goals of a greener, more sustainable future for our cities.



Stay tuned for the remarkable journey of these startups at Cohort Innovation Space! It’s bound to be an exciting ride.


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