Mayor’s Technology & Innovation Awards

Applications are officially OPEN for the 2023 Mayor's Technology & Innovation Awards! Check it out here! If you are a Gold Coast high school student with an innovative, technological idea waiting to be discovered, the Mayor’s Technology and Innovation Awards are for you! The Mayor’s Technology and Innovation Awards are open to year 8-12 students. To […]



Over the past 3 months, Cohort Innovation Space has been running the LuminaX HealthTech Accelerator with 11 Queensland startups who are solving a problem in the health care space using AI and technology. About LX: LuminaX is a 14 week HealthTech accelerator program designed for Australian startups who are ready to launch or refine their […]

Privacy, Money and Monero

Cohort Event Space 16 Nexus Way, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia

Reserve your seat HERE! 💡 Discover the powerful intersection of privacy and finance with Monero, the leading privacy-focused cryptocurrency. 🔐 Dive deep into the world of financial privacy, explore the implications of public transactions, and learn how Monero's innovative technology empowers individuals to regain control over their financial information. 🎙️ Stoic XMR will discuss: ✅ […]


Beyond Good Mornings

"The purpose of Beyond Forward is to create a community of risk takers who inspire to bring innovation to the way we do business whilst having creativity at the forefront of the message, because lets face it the world has changed and the way we can create positive impact has too." Want to learn more […]


HealthTech Connect Event Journeys into Healthtech

Are you in healthcare and have ideas for innovation but are unsure where to start? Or do you have a technical background and want to move into the healthcare space but are unsure how to navigate the opaque healthcare system and its many stakeholders? Or do you just have an interest in health innovation? HealthTech […]

MayorsTechAwards – Bootcamp

Cohort Innovation Space is excited to announce that they will be hosting the 2023 Mayor's Technology & Innovation Awards bootcamp set to take off this month! 😍 ✅If you are a Gold Coast high school student with an innovative, technological idea waiting to be discovered, the Mayor’s Technology and Innovation Awards are for you! With some great prizes lined up for […]

Accelerator for Enterprising Women – Incubator Workshop

Cohort Event Space 16 Nexus Way, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia

Got a business or entrepreneurial idea you’ve always wanted to bring to life?😊 Yes!? Awesome. We want to help you. This incubator workshop will take you through a series of masterclasses and mentor sessions with women who have done it all before. When you leave, you will be able to: Build your own brand Nail […]

Understanding Contemporary Cyber Threats

Cohort Event Space 16 Nexus Way, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia

REGISTER NOW Join us for an enlightening evening as we delve into the realm of contemporary cyber threats in the digital age. Our esteemed speaker, Katherine Weissel, will take you on a journey through the intricate landscape of cyber risks, shedding light on cyberterrorism, foreign interference, and organized crime. REGISTER NOW


Town Hall Tuesday!

Welcome to another #CohortCommunity event! The chance for all our wonderful members to come together, have lunch and have a chinwag. This month we have HEAPS of new members in the space + a special showcase of new flavours from Bio-Az! Be sure to RSVP with our community manager via our internal slack channel today!

StartClub⚡ Workshop 1: Customer Discovery

The successful founders of the #StartClub program are set to kickoff their FIRST workshop for the mini accelerator program. Eden Shirley the founder of AutoGuru alongside Audun Fiskerud the innovation lead guru at AutoGuru are leading the Customer Discovery session in the Cohort event space. We can't wait to dive into this one! StartClub participants […]

♻️Champs of Change!

Cohort Event Space 16 Nexus Way, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia

Cohort Innovation Space eagerly anticipates the arrival of some of the foremost eco brands hailing from Melbourne, Sunshine Coast, and Byron Bay! Tickets now available here!  As part of Gold Coast Business Week 2023, we are absolutely thrilled to have the biggest names in eco-entrepreneurship in the Cohort building: 💚 Julie Kay and Jordy Kay […]


Gold Coast Ladies in Tech – Guest Host KJR

Learn more + grab tickets here: Gold Coast Ladies in Tech - Guest Host KJR @ Cohort Innovation Space Tickets, Fri 13/10/2023 at 9:00 am | Eventbrite