Virtual Manager rolls out software solution in US hospitals to support increased health and safety protocol for COVID-19.

Cohort members, Virtual Manager have found opportunity in the midst of a global health pandemic. Once solely a compliance issue for businesses involved in food preparation, health and medical, COVID-19 has put the hygiene and cleaning practices of all businesses under the spotlight, propelling the tech company into overdrive as it rolls out a hybrid version of it’s SmartCleanerQR solution.

Designed to resolve issues such as food safety, employee mismanagement, task delegation and labour inefficiencies, Virtual Manager’s products have been adopted by a host of Fortune 500 companies such as Compass Group, Emirates and Robertson and now Medstar, one of the highest rated hospitals in Washington DC, USA.

Anil Patel, CEO of Virtual Manager, says “Health and safety practices have always been our number one priority, and in the current environment we believe it is even more important that these practices are implemented by as many businesses as possible.”

Virtual Manager’s SmartCleanerQR system tracks and records cleaning practices, giving businesses measurable data on their systems and processes, and helping them to meet insurance and work safety requirements. Simply put, the system utilises a series of stickers with a unique QR code.

These stickers are placed strategically in areas which require cleaning. As each location is cleaned, the sticker is scanned and the process is recorded, ensuring an accurate record of daily cleaning.

Originally designed as an add-on to the more comprehensive product line, Virtual Manager has released the product as a stand-alone, affordable solution for Australian businesses with Mr. Patel saying “this is our way of helping Australian businesses, and communities get through this challenging time.”

Virtual Manager CEO, Anil Patel

Medstar, one of the highest rated hospitals in Washington DC, USA, uses Virtual Manager’s SmartCleanerQR product as part of their health and safety protocol, and says it will prove invaluable to businesses looking to improve hygiene standards.

Sean E. Shapert, Vice President Environmental Services and Laundry & Linen of MedStar Health in the US, says “the way we conduct business now and in the future is changing, but utilising data to combat the spread of emergency situations, like COVID-19, is the model for everyone.

I am very pleased to say that Medstar is a leader in innovation and technology, but our end goal is to keep the environment safe for our staff and patients, and we can say that SmartCleanerQR is helping us obtain the data needed to operate the most efficient way possible”.

“SmartCleanerQR was the easiest implementation to date. Very simple process to download the app, conduct virtual training, accessible training videos and we were live in one-day.  Then a day or two for staff to get comfortable which truly exceeded our expectations.”


Virtual Manager are offering 90 days free on our 12 month subscription to SmartCleanerQR.
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