New Partnership Agreement: Cohort Partners with Airwallex

Cohort Innovation Space is excited to announce a new partnership with Airwallex, an online platform that is revolutionising the way businesses operate globally.

Airwallex saves businesses time and money by offering real-time, reliable, and cost-effective solutions that allows them to send money through local and international clearing networks. With Airwallex, businesses are given access to competitive FX rates that are up to 90% cheaper than the banks.

Airwallex’s Global Accounts feature helps businesses set up US, UK and Europe bank accounts at the click of a button, with zero extra paperwork, so they can easily sell overseas and collect payments in the local currency.

Cohort members will now be eligible to receive their first $20,000 of foreign exchange free – that’s 0% margin, $0 sign up and $0 ongoing monthly fees.

To learn more or redeem this partnership offer, simply get in touch with our Community Management team by emailing


In September 2020, the Australian fintech startup Airwallex raised a further US$40 million ($56.5 million) in funding, adding to its staggering $250 million Series D round that was announced in the second quarter of this year.

The new funding brings their Series D round to $306.5 million, and Airwallex’s total capital raised to more than $564 million. As of April 2020, the startup had a valuation of $2.85 billion.