Cohort Innovation Space is incredibly excited to announce an exclusive partnership deal with Notion, the all-in-one workspace for your notes, tasks, wikis, and databases.

Notion has helped thousands of startups get going on the right foot — as a wiki, for project management, document sharing, notes, and more. By partnering with Notion, Cohort Innovation Space can help Gold Coast startups lay a strong foundation that can grow with them from the beginning.

Notion and Cohort Innovation Space have partnered to offer startups $1,000 in credit towards their Team Plan.

What is $1,000 in Notion credit worth?

Notion’s Team Plan normally costs $10 per member per month paid monthly. So, for a team of 10, $1,000 in credit represents 10 months of free Notion. For a team of 5, it’s 20 months of free Notion, and so on.

Who is Eligible for the $1,000 credit?

✔️ You’re starting a workspace on Notion’s Team Plan for a startup
✔️ You’re working with one of Notion’s partnering incubators (that’s us!)

To learn more or redeem this partnership offer, simply get in touch with our Program Manager by emailing 👋