The new headquarters and laboratories of the R&D company Cluster Biotechnology have opened at Cohort Innovation Space within Lumina at the Gold Coast Health and Knowledge Precinct.

Cluster Biotechnology is made up of a team of qualified scientists, researchers and professional staff who are focused on probiotic discovery, characterisation and improvement using genetic and conventional techniques.

Over the last five years, Cluster Biotechnology has contributed high quality R&D work in the areas of food technology, human and animal wellbeing, public health and agtech using molecular microbiology to develop innovative products that contribute to the therapeutic design of prevention and treatment of diseases, performance and well-being.

One of their recent projects was a pre-commercial trial of a probiotic biofilm called Foodsan, which can be applied to various foods as an organic coating that sanitises and extends their shelf life while increasing nutritional value and reducing carbon footprint.

Cluster Biotechnology CEO, Dr Gustavo Cerqueira

Lumina is the Queensland Government’s 9.5 hectare development that is dedicated to growing the life sciences, health and technology-related businesses within the Gold Coast Health and Knowledge Precinct.

Founder and CEO, Dr Gustavo Cerqueira said having a headquarter at COHORT within Lumina will allow his team to work alongside and collaborate with like-minded businesses in the Precinct.

“Our new labs will provide us with opportunities for industry collaboration and help us grow, creating up to 40 new jobs in the next three years. Foodsan is currently undergoing trials in Norway, Ghana and soon India, and Australian innovations like Foodsan can help reduce economic and environmental impacts here and overseas, especially at a time like this when human health and food security matter the most”.

“The Cluster Biotechnology team has a passion for solving real-life issues, and I can’t wait to see my staff create, collaborate and innovate to become a success story in the Precinct.”

Cohort’s Chief Executive Officer, Ben Howe said he is excited to watch new research come to life from the new state-of-the-art facilities at COHORT.

“Our brand-new Cohort Labs provide Gold Coast scientists a home where they can develop and test new research, make valuable connections, scale quickly and commercialise their innovations.”

“The work that Cluster Biotechnology does delivers outcomes locally, nationally and internationally and the Gold Coast should be proud that these research discoveries are taking place in our own backyard.”

“We know the team at Cluster will feel right at home joining an incredible network of world-renowned researchers, scientists, health and technology experts in the Gold Coast Health & Knowledge Precinct and we welcome them as a valued member of the ecosystem.”

Cluster Biotechnology are currently looking for staff who are passionate about translating science into industry innovation. They are also offering training opportunities for Gold Coast university students who are looking to grow their expertise in probiotic innovation and biofilm engineering.


For more details, contact the team at Cluster Biotechnology directly