If you have been through COHORT over the last seven weeks you may have noticed a few young faces working on some very complicated artificial intelligence coding.

These faces belong to the Augmented Intelligence team’s interns from Griffith University, we interviewed 2 of the 3 interns currently working on the project, Ryan Barker and Abigail Robinson.

Both Ryan and Abigail are studying IT at Griffith University Gold Coast campus and are currently involved in a Work Integrated Learning program under the guidance of machine learning and AI experts, IntelliHQ.

The Augmented Intelligence team have been fighting fatigue using electrocardiogram (ECG) technology and facial recognition.

The team are developing artificial intelligence technology to assist Australia’s large force of over 100,000 long-haul truck drivers to stay safe on the road.

The project will implement facial recognition inside the truck as well as ECG technology on the steering wheel to monitor signs of fatigue and overall health of truck drivers whilst on the road.

The students get to experience what it is like working in the industry, which they say is a lot different to class.

“It’s better than I expected actually, once you get out in the industry you’re applying what you learn to an actual focus and a real product” said Ryan Barker

“You can apply it in a unique way and solve a problem.”

Ryan is currently working on using facial recognition to predict fatigue levels of the driver based on their rate of blinks.

“My project encompasses the facial analysis side of the driver, monitoring for blinks.”

Abigail’s efforts will be used to create a database of all the ECG and facial recognition data to store for any future examination or analysis.

“The system will be passive, they don’t have to interact with it at all, the program recognises who they are and puts all the associated data in a folder” she said.

Working on a real world project for these students is a great stepping stone into their careers and it has also helped cement their passion for their chosen industry.

“When I started my degree I wanted to get into AI, so it’s really nice to still end up in this field, and hopefully to continue working in it” said Abigail.

It has been great seeing students working within COHORT on innovative and complex industry projects, in addition to IntelliHQ’s interns we have also seen interns join COHORT under the guidance of KK&O Agency and Virtual mgr, to name a few.


COHORT are looking for their next round of student interns looking to gain real-world experience in an innovative space – register your interest by emailing hello@cohortspace.com.au with a note around what you’re interested in