Start Club is now in its third year running and we are SUPER excited to announce the 6 successful applicants. This year’s cohort is bringing a diverse range of tech solutions and is set to hit the stage for the 2023 Innovation Rumble, covering everything from split payments to travel budgets, staff retention and more!

Start Club is an early-stage startup program designed for founders at the start of their entrepreneurial journey. This mini accelerator is supported by the best startup founders who bring a wealth of first-hand experience, innovative thinking, and a proven track record of success.

We kicked things off with a bang, with Eden Shirley, the mastermind behind AutoGuru, leading an awesome workshop on Customer Discovery and just last week we had Elliot Miller the founder of Heroes lead a session on the importance of Road Mapping.

We’re stoked for the upcoming three sessions which include: Raising Capital with Cake Equity, Legal with Vala Setrah from Schiller Legal, Marketing with Ashleigh Hanger from Stripped Supply and Pitch Prep with Dren Xexa from LX Health.

Big thank you to our mentors for making the magic happen and always supporting early stage founders.

As we wrap up the mini-accelerator workshops, the startups will be gearing up to pitch their ideas to the Gold Coast community for the 2023 Innovation Rumble. Got your tickets ready? You can snag them here!

But first… Let’s meet the 2023 Start Club Cohort:

William Bills App

Founded by Oliver O’Neill

Navigating personal finances, particularly when dealing with shared expenses, can pose many challenges. William delivers bills straight to users, offers an express marketplace for service and product sign-ups, bill comparisons, and bundle discounts, and enables effortless money requests. Whether you’re splitting bills or transactions, it’s seamless with William — regardless of your bank. Create groups to collectively manage and track expenses, and if anyone forgets, our BUMP request reminds them gently. Enhanced with peer-to-peer transfers and gamified savings.


Founded by Mia Axalan

EZtravel will be a one-stop shop for travellers to discover destinations and book their travel. We want to simplify the process and reduce the hours of research by consolidating it in one place and giving travellers control of their destiny-tion. Help us give people back their time so they can enjoy doing things they love, wherever it may be.

EZ Travel - Cohort Innovation Space - Innovation Rumble
Humming Team: Cohort Innovation Space: Start Club

Humming Team
Founded by Luke Faccini

Ever had a superstar unexpectedly leave your team? Without real connection at work, good people will leave. This problem costs businesses time, money and opportunity.

What if, in less than 10 minutes a week, you could strengthen your team, build the connection they crave, and unleash their true potential for your business? Humming Team does this and more on autopilot, so you are free to do more of whatever you want.

Founded by Lawrence Kusz

Chatstat is a leading technology platform championing mental health and online safety for school-aged children. It does this by monitoring their public social media content for signs of at-risk behaviour. With the growth of social media, threats, from cyberbullying to content linked to self-harm, are on the rise. Chatstat’s research-backed algorithm identifies at-risk posts and comments promptly, enabling early intervention, de-escalation, and support.



Chatstat: Innovation Rumble: Start Club
Smart & Sustainable Built Environment: Cohort Innovation Space: Start Club: Impact Led Founders

Smart & Sustainable Built Environment
Founded by Majed Abuseif

Smart and Sustainable Built Environment is dedicated to addressing climate change and sustainability issues in the built environment, inspired by the Paris Agreement and UN Sustainable Development Goals. Their innovative offerings include AI-driven smart planter boxes for indoor and outdoor greenery, energy, environmental, carbon performance, and sustainability services.


Founded by Mark Ullah

URBNRIDZ revolutionises urban mobility by providing private e-scooters and e-bike solutions, offering a carbon-neutral and efficient alternative to traditional cars.


URBNRIDZ: Innovation Rumble: Start Club

Tickets are now available for the 2023 Innovation Rumble! This is a wonderful opportunity to meet founders from around the Gold Coast and Brisbane area over a cold beverage and share your support for the Gold Coast innovation ecosystem. So what are you waiting for?!

Come and join us for the 2023 Innovation Rumble 🥂  Ticket link here!


Cohort Innovation Rumble
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