It’s Men’s Health Week, a week about showing the Australian community the state of male health in all its forms. We took this opportunity ask COHORT tenants, The Optimisation Hub, why is male health in Australia in need of attention? This is what they had to say.


As many of us may be aware, this week is men’s health week. Unfortunately the mention of ‘men’s health’ can bring about a collective groan from blokes across the country. In general terms, we are an active nation with 8.4 million adults and 3 million children participating in sport each year. But health is more than just physical activity. It relates to nutrition, social and (dare we say it) mental health.

The collective groan is a response to the negative stigma and messaging that we often hear in regards to these areas. The alarming statistics about poor health practices and incidence of mental illness are sadly becoming well versed and perhaps even a little worn. However health warning strategies rarely result in the promotion of long term engagement in health behaviours. Moreover, we are generally more motivated towards achieving personal reward, rather than to avoid negative consequences or ill health.

Health does not have to be complicated, hard or even demotivating. Health is something that should be kept simple, and this relates to the messaging that we use within the community both inside and outside of the health profession. Health activities are things we can opt to do to optimise our lives! The come with benefits of a happier and well balanced life.

Some common tips towards greater health that you can start now:

  • Having a holistic approach to life – everything has the potential for benefit. Health is multidimensional.
  • Be silly. Enjoy the simple pleasures in life. It’s energising.
  • Enjoy and eat a variety of healthy foods. Nutrition is also multidimensional and plays a key role in optimising the connection between mind and body.
  • Engage in physical activity (without having to train like an Olympian). There are daily opportunities for incidental and low impact exercise which can also promote mind and body benefit.
  • Keep a conscious mind. Thoughts create physical responses in our bodies. Consider what you tell yourself.
  • Socialise. A sense of belonging and companionship bring further meaning and satisfaction to life.


In specific relation to mental health, it is the mission of The Optimisation Hub to change the conversation and stigma associated with this term.

HEALTH is the key word.
Mental HEALTH is not illness.
Mental HEALTH does not imply weakness.
Mental HEALTH is about being mentally agile and strong.

Much like going to the gym or eating a balanced diet, mental HEALTH is about being proactive and taking conscious control of your life and future. Being individually aware of these choices and how they benefit us (rather than what it will help us prevent) leads to a greater sense of empowerment and engagement in all aspects of life and health.

The education and motivational training programs offered by The Optimisation Hub are designed to stimulate and sustain psycho-neuro-immunological benefits using a Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) paradigm, that empower the individual to develop mental-agility and resilience, and to sustain a strong sense of personal identity in all walks of life. The programs have been successfully utilised for athletes, corporate enterprises and in youth and education sectors. They have been shown to achieve improved resilience and engagement in well-being/health promoting programs, in over 93% of participants.

Let’s change our definition of mental HEALTH.
Let’s change the conversation.

Daniel Kulikowski
COO – The Optimisation Hub


For more information, contact the team at The Optimisation Hub directly.

W: www.theoptimisationhub.com
E: daniel@theoptimisationhub.com

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